Intensive Training and Apprenticeship Programme

Programme overview

Students who have successfully completed the In-School Training programme are eligible to apply for the Intensive Training and Apprenticeship. Selected students undergo 12-week’s intensive training based on the Youth Connect Foundation curriculum but in more detail: Life Skills (Soft Skills and Mathematics) and Thai Language.

Upon completion of the 12-week training, students are placed in a 3-month apprenticeship with a local business in Mae Sot. During the apprenticeships, Youth Connect  Foundation pays the students’ salaries and meets with them weekly. Typically, ­­each cycle around 25 students are accepted into the Intensive Training and Apprenticeship Programme.

Intensive training

The first training session usually begins in May, shortly after students graduate from high school. The students selected for the programme are chosen based on their applications, their performance in the In-School Training, and trainer evaluations.

When the selection process is complete, the students are invited to the Youth Connect Foundation office for a 12-week training course.

Students are given a choice of 70-plus partner businesses and organisations. Then they begin their training, which is tailored to their chosen field.

During this time, students develop a variety of skills that will be helpful when they begin to live independently. One of the many skills they develop is cooking nutritious meals while practicing their Thai Language skills.

During training, students are evaluated using the same monitoring systems from the In-School Training. In addition, Youth Connect Foundation staff holds weekly meetings with students to get feedback, discuss obstacles and to set goals to ensure that all students are ready to succeed in their apprenticeships by the end of the 12-week training.

Apprenticeship placement

At the end of the course, students are placed in an apprenticeship for three months where they will apply the skills they acquired from Youth Connect Foundation’s training. During this time, Youth Connect Foundation’s donors pay the students’ salaries and visits them at their workplaces regularly to monitor their progress.

After their apprenticeships, students are eligible to take advantage of the services offered by the Career Center which is the third and final stage of the Transitions Program.

Transition Program: Step Three