Training & Employment


The Transitions Programme

Transitions trains students in three different stages, beginning in their last year of high school. Youths who complete the entire program work with Youth Connect Foundation for 10 months.

Step One: In-School  Training

Youth Connect Foundation sends bi-lingual (or in some cases, tri- or quadrilingual) trainers to 6 partner schools every day to teach students in their last year of high school. Students receive instruction in Youth Connect Foundation’s core courses: Life Skills and Practical Thai.

The goal of the initial training is to prepare students for work in Thai businesses and to give them maths and life skills – like teamwork, decision-making and time management – to help them build their futures. During this time, trainers track their progress and attitudes. Youth Connect Foundation uses this information when accepting students in to the apprenticeship phase of the program.

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Step Two: Apprenticeship Training

After graduation, students who complete the In-School Training Program can apply to the apprenticeship programme. The education and employment teams help accepted students choose an apprenticeship with one of Youth Connect Foundation’s partner businesses and organizations.

Then, the students begin a 12-week Intensive Training program at Youth Connect Foundation’s office, followed by a 3-month apprenticeship.

Since 2009, we have placed more than 130 students in apprenticeships in Mae Sot.

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Step Three: Career counselling and casework

After completing apprenticeships, students are eligible for Career Center services, where they work with the employment team on an individual basis to find suitable and decent full-time work. The Career Center has a 100% success rate in setting up jobs for graduating apprentices who are looking for work; all of our graduates who have wanted jobs have got them.

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