YCF Director

 Veeraphab Loa-eue – Youth Connect Foundation Director

Mr. Veeraphab Loa-eue originally came from Chiang Mai province where he was inspired in working with orphans children in a range of early year jobs at Khon Kaen. In 2005, he moved to Mae Sot, Tak and started working in a volunteer teaching project for the migrant learning centers. He found the Smile Club project to develop the Thai and migrant society and connected the project to get support from the Office of Social Development and Human Security in 2008. The project was able to reach the people in the remote areas. Over the years of serving the community, he was awarded from Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali of Thailand in 2012 for his outstanding social service and community work.

Mr. Veeraphab Loa-eue has joined the Youth Connect in 2015 as the Thai Trainer, he was in the teaching roles for a year before promoted to be the Administrative Officer and the Employment Coordinator in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Lately, he has accepted for the opportunity to grow in his career as the position of director of the Youth Connect Foundation. It is a great achievement which he will be able to expand his personal efforts in many areas of working for migrant people.


Ms. Pan Wut Yee Min (Nam) – YCF Deputy Director

Ms. Pan Wut Yee Min is Pa’Oh who was born in Myanmar. She fled from her home country due to the civil war and economic hardship. She has been living in Mae Sot for over 24 years. During the time, she pursued her education to finish schools and lately graduated the university’s social and community work courses. Currently, she is a sophomore of the Science Faculty of University of the People. In a career path, she joined the Youth Connect in 2013 as a Thai-Life Skills Trainer then she was promoted to be Lead Trainer and Education Coordinator after years on the job. In her sixth year at YCF, she has achieved her career to be a YCF Deputy Director. She is honored the roles of working with vulnerable young adults in the border area as it is the chance to provide the opportunity for migrant people to fulfill their potential and having a human level of education, income, and security.