What we do

Youth Connect Foundation’s Mission

To provide training, apprenticeships and career services so students can transition to safe, productive and independent lives.

Youth Connect Foundation’s Two Target Groups

The town of Mae Sot has been attracting a growing number of migrant laborers over the past twenty years. This increase of long term migrant laborers has resulted in a rapidly growing youth population. In response to the population growth over 75 different migrant schools have been established in the Mae Sot area alone.

These schools often short on materials and funding, with no ability to certify the students’ education in Thailand have been able to provide basic education for a large student population. Youth Connect was set up to address the question, “What happens when these students become young adults and have to leave the system? Where will they go next?”

Through working with migrant learning centers as well as local Thai businesses and governmental authority, Youth Connect Foundation has developed a unique and successful approach that focuses on addressing the needs of our two target groups:

Migrant young adults leaving school

Youth Connect Foundation provides training, professional material support, documentation assistance, paid apprenticeships in skilled work and career placements services for any young adult who has successfully completed the apprenticeship training course

Local Businesses

Businesses in Mae Sot require skilled and competent staff.  Often local businesses have difficulty finding skilled young people to work with them.  Youth Connect Foundation acts as the intermediary between the prospective employees and employers.

Youth Connect Foundation’s Three Steps

All together Youth Connect Foundation works with apprentices for a minimum of 10 months. During this time the apprentices will go through three stages of the program:

  1. In-School  Training Program – Youth Connect Foundation works with 6 different partner schools where Youth Connect Foundation trainers deliver training to students in their last year of high school.  Students receive instruction in Practical Thai Language and Life Skills.
  2. Intensive Training Program and Apprenticeship Placement – After graduation, high school students are eligible to apply to the apprenticeship program. Once accepted into the program, Youth Connect Foundation matches the applicants (based on student preference) to suitable positions with one of our 70 partner business in Mae Sot. (Currently we are able to offer 45 placements). The apprentices start with a 12 week intensive training, including a part-time pre-apprenticeship, followed by a three month apprenticeship placement.
  3. Career Center – Any apprentice completing the apprenticeship program will be eligible for career center services, where the employment team will work to find suitable and decent full time work for them.

Youth Connect Movie


In late 2010, the Youth Connect team created this promotional video as an overview of what we do and why.