Current YCF Transitions Employment Team

Employment Team

Laddawan Tamafu – Employment Coordinator

Ms. Laddawan Tamafu had been working with the migrants’ issues in the Greater Mekong Sub-region since 2008. In the past, her role more focused on the migrants’ rights advocacy in the region. Recently, she has joined the Youth Connect Foundation as new Employment Coordinator. It is given her an opportunity to contribute previous experience to migrant children in Mae Sot.

Khun Wai Hin – Administrative Officer

Wai Hin-Admin OfficerMy name is Khun Wai Hin. I have been living in Thailand since I was 13 years old. I studied at CDC High School here in Mae Sot. After I graduated from CDC, I studied with Earth Right International (ERI) School.  After I finished ERI, I did my internship at Mae Tao Clinic (MTC) and then I worked at MTC for 2 years. Now, I am working at YCF as an administrative officer. I am very happy to be working with YCF because I want to help young people.

Mook – Administrative Support Officer

Mook-Admin Support OfficerMy name is Manlika Klomjit (Mook). I hold a B.A. in Business Administration and Tourism from Naresuan University.  I worked in the tourism business for a few years in Bangkok. Then, I moved back to my home town, Mae Sot, Tak, to stay close to my family.  I worked for the Mega Home as an Order Proposal List position (Purchasing Staff).   In the business sector, I felt that I earned a living, but it did not fulfill my expectations.  I wanted to do more for underprivileged people. Currently, I am truly happy working for the Youth Connect Foundation as the Administrative Support Officer.

Anny – Employment Officer

Anny-Employment OfficerMy Name is Sumittra Khirikaiwal (Anny). I finished Grade-12 at Umphang Wittayakhom School. In 2010 after high school, I carried on my study through college from 2011-2012 at Kamphaeng Phet Rajabhat University, Management major. While I studied at college , I worked on weekdays and studied on weekends. I used to work at Chanwanich Co., Ltd for 9 months as my first job. I started my internship from 1 July, 2014 –31 March, 2015 with For You Co., Ltd.   I joined Youth Connect Foundation in April 2015 as an employment officer.  I am very happy to work at YCF because I want to have more experience with Burmese youth.

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